Position Opening

(closed on 4/30, 2011)

1. Postdoctoral Researcher (Starting on Aug 1st, 2011 for two years; contracts are renewable) –

Potential candidates should have strong experience in computational studies and have solid understandings in Statistical Mechanics. Candidates who have experience in MD simulations of biological systems at molecular levels are preferred. People who are interested in this position should provide CVs, publication lists, at least two recommendation letters and one-page summaries of previous academic achievements and proposed future work. Your project in this lab will involve studies in the “prediction of catalytic rates for enzyme mutants” as well as in “revealing mechanical reasons for residue conservation”. This part of work is in collaboration with Dr Shakhnovich at Harvard and Dr Sharon Hammes-Schiffer at Penn State. The monthly salary will be no less than the NSC standard (~ 1800 USD) and adjustable according to one’s experience and work performance.

Correspondence is addressed to lwyang at life.nthu.edu.tw


2. Graduate Students

歡迎同學加入,一起推動電腦生物學、生物資訊學及生物物理學的進步!  Applicants interested in research position as a PhD student please contact the PI directly (lwyang@life.nthu.edu.tw).

3. 研究生以及大學部工讀生/暑期工讀生

主要工作內容在幫助短期研究工作所需,其成果會在彙整後在電腦生物學、生物物理學相關之國際期刊上發表,歡迎有意出國深造的同學來申請,工讀生亦需參與設置實驗室的種種工作,並處理簡單行政事務。申請者必須熟悉UNIX系統、會兩種以上的程式語言。能會C, Fortran, Matlab, PERL, Python者尤佳。在工作中,同學可學習到統計力學的基本概念以及簡單的矩陣運算。最重要的,同學可培養電腦運算如何幫助解決生物問題的一個概念。工讀生的時薪會是學校標準的兩倍左右,依個人經歷及工作表現來調整。