ENM 1.0
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Cross-Correlations (CC) based on modes:   to    
Hover: C(i, j)

Cross-Correlations (CC) map:
Select a point to zoom in its neighborhood.
Each point may represent multiple nodes if the structure has 500+ nodes.

Interactive CC map:
CC data can be read for each point while cursor hovers on the map;
Click a point to label the corresponding residue pair in the 3D diagram (see below);
Select an area to zoom in and a "Reset view" button (click to go back) will come up;
The interactive CC map is restricted to N ≤ 1,000. If N > 500, only 100 nodes will be displayed in both axes by default. Due to the memory limitation, the axes number should ≤ 500
Residue indices along the axes are renumbered for all chains (or molecules/subunits) if the PDB structure has multiple chains, e.g. for two chains A and B, of NA and NB residues, respectively, the first NA entries along either axis refer to chain A, and those in the range (NA+1, NA+NB) refer to chain B

min i:   max i:   map size:  
min j:   max j:   max length:        
3D Structure View (residues can be labelled by clicking on the interactive CC map)